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Aug 18

Jokes with no punchline...

I've been cracking myself up all day with these beauties.....

What did Christopher Columbus say to his men before they boarded the ship?
Get on the ship.


Three elephants walk into a large bar and order three bottles of Jack Daniels.
The first elephant says, "I bet I can drink this faster than you guys,"and with that gulps down the entire bottle in six seconds flat.
The second elephant not wishing to be outdone says, " I'll take that bet" and immediately gulps the bottle down, this time in 5 seconds.
The third elephant sees this and asks the bar man, "Is the smoking ban effecting business much?"
"Not really, we've got the old heaters outside so we're doing alright. Things will pick up again now in May or so," says the barman.
"They will I suppose" says the third elephant, nodding.


What's worse than finding a maggot in your apple?
Being mugged


A man walks into a bar
and drinks heavily. He's an alcoholic.


What do you call a blind dinosaur?
dinosaurs were not sentient creatures, and thus did not have names


What do you call a man with a computer on his head?
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