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Aug 10

an album a week #2

Popular Band: Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd I know is one of the the most popular bands on the TZ. So, here's an album I think you'll like

The Orb's Adventues Beyind the Ultraworld - The Orb

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The Orb are one of the great british electronic bands. They are quirky, original and make brilliant music. This was their debut album, and it mixed at the time 2 genres which are as unrelated as cheese and oranges, ambient and house. Ambient as the time was minimalistic and subtle, whereas House music has just gone thorugh acid house and was made to get people moving. Mixing these 2 genres was unheard of. However, when The Orb came along and made this album, it all makes sense.

It uses subtle and minimalistic sounds from ambient, the pounding beats of house, sampling and layering from dub and quirkiness from Frank Zappa. You can hear Pink Floyd in this, they even use a sample from a future session musician of Pink Floyd Guy Pratt did. The album starts off with "Little Fluffy Clouds". Rooster crowing, planes flying overhead and a women who sounds remarkably stoned (who infact just had a heavy cold) talkkng about clouds when she was young. Behind this a pounding dance beat flows throughout forcing you to move your feat. It's a perfect example of ambient house. This is summer in a song. Throughout the first disk, The Orb enter into space. "Earth (Gaia)" begins as they are entering the cosmos. Electronic sounds, voices from the russian space program and the sounds from the apollo space mission. We then move on to "Supernova At The End Of The Universe", "Back Side of the Moon" (A Homage of Pink Floyd) and "Spanish Castles in Space). Throughout these songs, The Orb go through various different concepts and sounds, reminiscent of Pink Floyd.

Disk 2 stars with a Bang, "Perputal Dawn". A reggae sound clash with ambient house. This was and still is the perfect Obiza comedown, "Into the Fourth Dimension" goes even furthur into space. Celestial voices an audio manual and drum loops creates a beautiful peice of music. "Outlands" and "Star 6 & 7 8 9" enter back into earth with bees buzzing, bird song reminiscent of the English Countryside. It ends with waves crashing which go into The Orb's masterpeice. "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre of the Ultraworld". At nearly 19 minutes, this song goes through various different sounds and concepts. A Galloping beat, trotting horses, bell rining, bubbling electronics and a vocal sample of Minnie Riperton's hit "Loving You". Not surprisingly, the Peel Session of this (which is on the deluxe version of the CD and samples "Shine On you Crazy Diamond") is the most requested Peel session ever.
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