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Board Rules
Last updated: 15th May 2018 (To see a list of changes to the Board Rules, click here)

We appreciate that you have chosen InvisionFree and ZetaBoards as your forum hosting provider. We want to give every customer the best experience possible and thus have set in place some rules and guidelines that will help you and others enjoy your stay. These rules apply across the entire board, in posts, PMs, profiles, IRC, blogs, signatures, etc.

Etiquette & Posting Guidelines
  • Please do not ask to be promoted to any staff position on this board. We only offer promotions to those experienced members that we find suitable for the position.
  • The following content is unacceptable and will be removed on sight, with the offending user warned as appropriate:
    • Profanity
    • Racial, ethnic, gender insults, or discriminatory material of any kind
    • Rude or inflammatory behavior toward members and staff.
    • Posting private conversations including, but not limited to: personal messages, instant message conversations or e-mail conversations, hidden, altered or removed content.
    • Short, useless posts or excessive repeated posts—i.e., spam
    • Pornography, warez, or any other illegal activities
    • Personal or contact details of yourself or anyone else. This includes, but is not limited to, email addresses, telephone numbers, and IP addresses. If you wish to share your details with someone, use the PM system.

  • If you want to post large images or several images in a row, link to them instead of placing them in a post. Be considerate of those on slower connections.
  • Post in the appropriate section. If your topic is placed in the wrong section, it may be moved.
  • Users have the option to edit their posts in order to add additional information. Please use the edit option instead of making additional posts.
  • Topics may be deleted or closed to keep the board organized and prevent spam.
  • You are only allowed one account at this board. Creating multiple accounts to get around suspension or other punishments will result in a tripling of the punishment time or permanent banishment.
  • We restrict accounts to remove access to certain parts of the board that members abuse. These restrictions are permanent; do not request to be unrestricted.
  • Staff members make their IM screen names available for emergencies only. Do not IM staff members for just to chat. Use the IRC channel for chatting.
  • If you have a complaint about a staff member's conduct, please send a PM to their respective team leader.
    • For a complaint regarding a support team member, contact Nicolas
    • For a complaint regarding a community team member, contact Stephen

      Signature & Avatar Guidelines
      • Your signature, including all images and text, must fit inside this box of 550x150 pixels.
      • Limit the size of text in your signature to 2 sizes larger than the base size.
      • Any images in your signature should not total to more than 70 KB in file size.
      • Avatars should be no more than 35 KB in file size.
      • Do not use flashing images in your avatar or signature; these may cause problems for photo-sensitive users.
      • Please keep avatars and signatures family friendly.

      Advertising & Links
      • Do not advertise any board, website, or service via PM, topic, post, or anywhere else outside of the This Is... forum where advertising is permitted. The only exception to this is when asking for support—you may link to your board then—and as outlined below.
      • You may advertise in your blog, signature, and profile

      Support & Resources
      The primary purpose of this board is to provide support and resources for Invisionfree and Zetaboards software. As such, behavior that would interfere with support should be avoided.

      Support Rules
      • Check the documentation before requesting support. Many common questions are answered there; use the search engine if you can’t find anything at a glance.
      • Server down? If you suspect your board's server is down, check out the Server Status page to find out if the server your board is on is actually reporting as offline. If it's not, feel free to post in our support forums for assistance. Otherwise, we're already working on getting the server back online, and posting about it will result in your topic being closed or trashed.
      • Do not PM, IM or E-Mail staff for support—this includes sending staff a message in these formats with a link to your support topic. Use this board or send in a support ticket from your Admin CP. Any other requests for support will go ignored, and your ability to use the PM system may be removed.
      • Do not encourage members who say they will give support via PM or IM. Use only the board or support tickets for support, since then your answered question will help others in the future.
      • Post in someone else’s support topic only to provide accurate, detailed answers. Do not post to ask a question of your own, and do not post if you are unsure of your answer. Leave the topic for someone else to answer if that is the case.
      • We only provide support for InvisionFree and ZetaBoards. Please use the correct section for the service you use. We do not provide support for other message board services, web hosts, or any other sort of third party product.
      • Please post your topic in the appropriate section, and only post it in one section. Otherwise you’ll create confusion, which will delay any response.
      • Be considerate of other users seeking support. Bump your topic only after 24 hours with no replies.

      If you consistently provide bad support in any form, you will be restricted from posting in any support section. Likewise, spamming the support section with questions will result in a restriction.

      Resources Rules
      • Look through the resources forums along with the Theme Index and Skin Index before placing a request. It is possible that what you're looking for already exists!
      • Do not PM or IM staff with requests—this includes sending staff a PM with a link to your request topic. Use the Requests Corner or find what you're looking for in our existing resources. Any other requests will go ignored, and your ability to use the PM system may be removed.
      • Do not encourage members who say they will fill requests via PM or IM. Use only the the proper forums to fill any and all requests.
      • Post in someone else’s request topic only to fill or assist in filling their request. Do not post to ask a request of your own. If you are unable to fill a request leave the topic for someone else to reply to and fill.
      • We only provide resources for InvisionFree and ZetaBoards. Please browse the correct section for the service you use. We do not provide resources for other message board services, web hosts, or any other sort of third party product.
      • Be considerate of other users seeking requests to be filled. Bump your topic only after three weeks with no replies.