Board Rules Changelog
From time to time, we may update our board rules. This page will give you a list of any changes we make, so that when we do update them, you can clearly see what's changed.

Changes as of December 1st 2012:
  • Rules for Resources added.

Changes as of September 10th 2012:
  • Updated contact person for complaints about support team members.

Changes as of September 28th 2011:
  • The rule regarding sending PM's or IM's to staff members being disallowed has been amended to include "E-Mails" as well.

Changes as of July 27th 2011:
  • New Rule: "Server down? If you suspect your board's server is down, check out the Server Status page to find out if the server your board is on is actually reporting as offline. If it's not, feel free to post in our support forums for assistance. Otherwise, we're already working on getting the server back online, and posting about it will result in your topic being closed or trashed."