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All communities remaining on zIFBoards/InvisionFree should check their conversion opt-in selection in their Admin CP (menu item Tapatalk Conversion)
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fnuppage 6 minutes ago Reply to Need help adapting random quotes to mobile codes in ZetaBoards - Theme & Code Support:
Following screenshot taken using Anroid 7.1 on Nokia 3 Phone - Shows one of the longer quotes

Posted Image
-Neo Metallix- Today, 5:09 PM Reply to Help with applying mobile codes and removing borders in ZetaBoards - Theme & Code Support:
Found out that a code was interfering with this. So I removed it and it's better but I was just wondering if there is a way to remove certain style elements from the skin? My default skin uses images for the submenu and other div ids that get all jacked up. Plus I'd like to remove the borders when using this to maximize more space. Is there anyway to do that?
voa Today, 1:41 PM Reply to "Board does not exist" in ZetaBoards Support:
Feb 17 2018, 03:03 AM
Another question, my forum can change its domain to eregime.org (as it was before things screwed up) without any issue right?

Right now 99% of the forum seems to work just fine except the theme (neither the custom skin nor icons will show, only the defaults do) and the obviously vital problem of no posts made before January 11 showing.

Wow, sounds like your forums are leaps and bounds ahead of mine? I have no access to my admin controls still!
This has been like this from 1/6/2018! Theme and skin is gone also from 1/6/2018. Hoping for fix soon as it is
going on 2 months! If it goes on any longer the current members and members needing validated are gonna
disappear! Please tell there is hope for the fix soon?
vkaryl Today, 10:06 AM Reply to Need help adapting random quotes to mobile codes in ZetaBoards - Theme & Code Support:
Feb 17 2018, 03:31 PM
Viewing on an Android phone I am unable to replicate this, the quotes, even longer ones display as they should in both Portrait and Landscape modes
Hmmm. I don't use a phone in that way myself, and I'm pretty sure my antique flip-phone wouldn't have a size for it anyway! I'm not sure what phones the members with issues have but maybe not Android. I'll check with them.
Edited to add: They're on Android 7 - one with a Note 8, one with a Samsung A5; haven't heard back from the third member yet. For all three, the random quotes cover the inbox completely.
NissGG Yesterday, 11:46 PM Reply to Responsive themes in Theme Tricks:
U r the best! :D
Thanks for your answer , it's exactly what I want, something

like thatBEFORE (now) and after

Can u help me? :puppyeyes:
Glip Yesterday, 9:45 PM Reply to HTML code in Admin CP in ZetaBoards Support:
The problem I have is we were dragged kicking and screaming into a forum service that is, for our needs, inferior to the one it replaced. That is why I purposefully staved off convertion for as long as possible before changing to Zetaboards (it was either that or the odious tapastalks or whatever it's called). It completely escapes me why they closed down Invisionfree/Zif which we had happily used for over 15 years as it was a fantastic, powerful and modern service that stood the test of time.
I believe our hosts/owners/etc should out of morality give us the tools to do as we did before, even if they are slightly different tools - my issues could be solved by fixing broken features and adding more BB code tags to mimic what HTML would do (eg.. [br] for <br>). Ultimately, I don't really care what the coding looks like as long as I achieve the correct end result. As for the security argument for disallowing HTML, that appears to be weak. My forum has existed successfully for 13 years without any security issue, as have all other invisionfree communities I have participated in. I believe the decision to allow or disallow HTML should lie with the local forum administration.

I am not against change for the better, but removing features (which the Zeta convertion effectively was for our forum) is change simply for change's sake.