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Nemomon Today, 1:58 PM Reply to Recent ZB Announcement in Service Discussion and Feedback:
Aug 20 2018, 12:04 PM
Yeah, we told him not to sell ZB, but he didn't listen to us...
Byzantine Today, 12:04 PM Reply to Recent ZB Announcement in Service Discussion and Feedback:

Lothlómendil Today, 9:47 AM Reply to Recent ZB Announcement in Service Discussion and Feedback:
Oh. My. God. TapaTalk doesn't allow you to edit a member's post count.
It also automatically recounted how many posts a user has.

This has crippled so many RP sites who use post count as currency that they add and subtract.
We don't know what people's modified post counts were prior to the change from ZB to TT since it automatically recounted all user post counts.
People just lost something massive. This has wrecked all the boards I participate in.

Aug 19 2018, 05:27 PM
Aug 19 2018, 02:11 PM
My board has converted. I can't log into any of my accounts without changing my email address registered on the board, as an error message comes up saying duplicate emails are not allowed and my forum being roleplay based has multiple accounts with same emails.

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So much for them supposedly fixing that before moving boards.

Fortunately, we don't have to put up with that crap since we jumped ship elsewhere about a month ago and I couldn't feel any more vindicated about that decision than right now.
&#^^. This concerns me, since my board is an RPG with multi-accounts, as well. They should've fixed this before migration. Unprofessional.
I've got RP boards too so I've been working through this. This is something about TapaTalk that won't change but it does tell you how to work around it in that message, if you have gmail. Each account is going to need a separate email address, or you can use these gmail tricks, your choice (I really recommend making a GMail account). You can also change your email address in the admin control panel, or have an admin change it for you if you tell them what address to use. Once you change your email and validate it you can switch back and forth between all your accounts really easily, TapaTalk does have a multi-login like feature. Here's a quote from what I wrote up for another board, copied and pasted for you:

Ok, I just went through the process of changing my email address on my alternate character too and I got it to work, so I can walk you through it.

I don't know how much this matters, it may help, but I signed up for a TapaTalk ID before I tried all this - I've had one for a while now. I think you can make the changes without having the ID but it may help. I recommend doing that first. I can give separate instructions on that if needed.

Alrighty, the first thing I did upon the new conversion is log into my main account, Lothlomendil. (I linked it to my TapaTalk but I don't think that's necessary.) Then I went to the top right corner and clicked on the drop down by my name and clicked "Add Account." That took me to the login page, and I entered the log information for my Thindraug account.

After I submitted the login information for Thindraug, it gave me a notification that said my email address was already in use on another account and that I have to change it. Here is what you will enter, Nia:

If your email address is, then the new email address you will type into the address change form will be This is a trick gmail uses to allow you to have multiple accounts without really creating a new email address for everything - all the mail sent to will go to your regular inbox. (The next alternate account you log into will be +2, and so on for each different account.)

Submit that form and it will send an email to your gmail account for confirmation. Go click confirm in your email and you should be all set!
JohnVMaster Today, 8:03 AM Reply to Stopping Tapatalk Conversion in ZetaBoards Support:
Replying to this because it's the only place I've seen Boardhost mentioned - set up a wonderful board there, love the software, but likely to back out based on the permissions issue. I was always someone who would mess with a million permissions! Trying to get used to Forummotion now and can't get it to look as nice as the Boardhost but it has the under-the-hood features I need.
samilby Today, 3:23 AM Reply to i got my PS4 for the first time in Technology Chat:
Get the Bloodborne and God of War. These exclusive games are great!
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