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feqallibo125 9 minutes ago New Topic in Community Chat:
VSW Today, 1:16 AM Reply to Responsive themes in Theme Tricks:
Oct 12 2017, 01:30 PM
One of my personal favorite things about this is the new "features" that are added to ZB. Here's a few:

1. New Marker: There's a class I added to the row where the forum marker and forum name/description are, has_new_post. When the screen width gets really small (on mobile devices), the space gets a little too tight to fit a forum marker (indicating whether a forum has new posts, no new posts, and so on), so I removed it. Instead, you could implement it like so. You can add it to your theme with code similar to this:
@media (max-width:425px) {
tr.has_new_post td.c_forum {
-webkit-box-shadow: inset 4px 0 0 0 #2ac7ca;
-moz-box-shadow: inset 4px 0 0 0 #2ac7ca;
box-shadow: inset 4px 0 0 0 #2ac7ca;

2. Profile Avatar: Just like the forum marker, space was a little tight for the profile avatar to stay on the right side of the profile table. So I moved it above the table like so. No extra coding is required.

3. Horizontal Profile: Similar to the other two, space was getting tight on small-screen devices, so I moved the mini profile next to posts above the post instead. Again, no extra coding is required, but if you're looking to implement this feature without the responsive codes above, look into this topic.

4. Scrollable Submenu: If you want to avoid the submenu links taking up several lines (before and after), you need this:
#submenu {
Where do i add Code Number 1 ????
Skyon Archer Today, 12:16 AM New Topic in ZetaBoards Codes & Modifications:
Add imgZB Image Uploader
extraordinary Today, 12:41 PM Reply to Picture ban in ZetaBoards Support:
Sorry to BUMP this, but is there anyway to potentially change it so that way if a website's URL changes from ".org." or something like ".to," is there any way to change it so that way the links automatically change so they are not broken?
Ismailov Today, 11:50 AM Reply to "How do I go to the first new post?" in ZetaBoards Support:
A reply from one of the users:
If you haven't read anything in a thread yet, then both options should give the same behaviour, since the first post is the first unread post.

The problem is with threads we have read, we're finding that when we have selected "go to first unread post in a topic" the thread title links take us to the first post on the first page, rather than the first unread post if we're accessing it from the subforums rather than the main page.

And a third user:
Can confirm the setting to go to last unread message is ignored if you're clicking on the post from a subforum, but not from the main site.
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