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ZetaBoards Upgrade
Topic Started: Sep 18 2011, 05:10 PM (24,488 Views)
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All ZetaBoards servers have been upgraded. This upgrade includes 14 new/improved features as well as 45 bug fixes.

Highlights are in green.

New Features as of September 18th, 2011:

  • Added close button on preview box on the posting screen
  • Multiquote implemented

    • To use multiquote, press the checkboxes next to the quote button on posts
    • Multiquote works across topic pages
    • An image was not used to preserve backwards-compatibility with old themes; if you wish to have an image for multiquote, you can use this code
  • Moderator checkboxes now carry across topic and forum pages

    • Checkboxes last ten minutes per page
    • The ten minute expiration date is refreshed every time you load a new page in that topic/forum
    • Checkboxes expire instantly if you leave the topic or forum
    • Moderator actions do work on posts/topics that were selected on other pages
  • Added option for groups to ignore post merge

    • The option appears on the full reply screen in the Post Options box
    • The option will only appear if the post would be merged if left checked
  • The [class] BBCode now works on the board

    • The CSS class should begin with bbcode-
    • Example: [class=test]Some text[/class] will be replaced with <span class='bbcode-test'>Some text</span>
  • Topics may now be moved in bulk via the forum page
  • Added option to the member name search in the Admin CP; the user may now search names on a 'Starts With' or 'Contains' basis, like the members page on the board

    • Searches made with 'Starts With' are usually much faster and much more accurate than the 'Contains'
  • If both email verification and admin verification are enabled, the message in the authorization list in the Admin CP will display whether or not they have verified their email
  • Added an option (on a per-forum basis, editable in the forum settings) to show the first post of a topic on every page
  • Added [staff] BBCode; text contained therein is visible only to global moderators and administrators
  • Added [note] BBCode, which auto-generates footnotes similar to Wikipedia

    • Example: "This is some[note]ambiguous word[/note] text[note]not yet verified independently[/note]"
  • Added a field to optionally PM the topic creator when moving a topic
  • Added a table BBCode editor on the full-reply screen

    • To edit an already existing table, select it in the text area and click the button to load it into the editor
    • If you accidentally edit the wrong table, pressing the close button on the editor will place it back into the text area in its proper spot

Bugs Fixed

  • BBCodes no longer have extra lines added around them in the warning reason section of the warn CP
  • [me] now appears in the edit history properly (it shows the poster instead of the person viewing the edit history)
  • The IP address in the first entry of the edit history now appears properly
  • Post count adjustments are no longer swapped in the warn history (deducting posts was appearing as adding them, and vice versa)
  • Administrators may now PM users who have disabled the PM system
  • Hide topic and approve topic are no longer swapped in the moderator history in the Admin CP
  • The MultiVote poll limit has now been increased to 25 properly
  • Fixed display of errors with an associated message
  • Fixed sanitization of meta_plugins field on the post page
  • Forum moderators now only see checkboxes in the forums they moderate, instead of seeing them in all forums
  • Fixed 'Viewing Topic:' being blank when viewing a single post in a topic
  • [member] can no longer be viewed by a guest by quoting a post
  • The root admin can now edit the group of any member, regardless of what group the root admin is in
  • Removed the 'From' option in the bulk email
  • The 'can email other users' option no longer resets itself to 'no'
  • Guests can now log in despite IP bans so that they may access a protected account, if applicable
  • The shoutbox archive now removes the shout from the screen once deleted
  • Posts consisting of only one character now add to the user's post count
  • Editing ZetaBoards premium settings no longer disables the shoutbox
  • Forum moderators now appear on the staff list again
  • Emptying a forum with hidden topics no longer subtracts the hidden topics from the board's post count
  • Disabling the portal now prevents access to it instead of removing the link from the submenu
  • The start date in the board statistics section is now set properly
  • Topic history (accessible to admins only) now shows actions made in the right-hand moderation menu properly
  • Uploading a file larger than the allowed values now displays human-readable sizes (in kilobytes, etc)
  • Trashing hidden items now auto-approves them to fix an entire class of bugs
  • Fixed permission checking on the board feed
  • Emails will now send non-alphanumeric characters properly
  • Emoticons in the prefix/suffix of a group will no longer hide all further groups on the group page in the Admin CP
  • Admin-edit-only profile fields now save their value when edited
  • Groups that have been configured to be able to delete their own posts may now do so
  • Setting an autotool to unpin a topic, then using that autotool in a reply form will no longer pin the topic
  • [me] tags now appear in portal articles
  • 'Select: Moved' now works in forums
  • The 'Receive Board Announcements' option now works (in the board settings under user preferences)
  • The button for the [list] BBCode now appears on the posting page
  • The 'Allow BBCode in PMs' option now works
  • The 'Allow BBCode in Member Titles' option now works
  • Made error message clearer if you enter the wrong password when changing emails
  • Searching by user in the inbox now works across pages
  • Ignored users are now ignored in the shoutbox
  • Unclosed [table] tags are now closed properly
  • A user who cannot see hidden posts can no longer see hidden posts by using the 'View Single Post' link
  • Theme managers may now preview themes properly

Keep an eye out for more as we keep adding exciting new features. If you have any questions about the new features or bug fixes, please let us know.
Edited by Reid, Sep 19 2011, 09:35 PM.
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